Step into your true self.

The true beauty is hidden behind the glass until she shatters the world's expectations of who they believe she is and should be.

Glass Beauties is creating a powerful movement and network to support all women to feel bold and empowered. 10% of our NFT profits from sales will go towards a charity that supports women's mental health initiatives.

For daily updates, and to get more information about how to own our NFTs, check out our social media channels.


About Us

Glass Beauties, feel the experience. Coming to you live soon!

GLASS BEAUTIES is the embodiment and definition of "bold and empowered" women, who are not afraid to be themselves. This NFT project was created because even in 2022, many women still feel restrained or oppressed to express their true selves and personality to the world due to many factors including cultural and social norms, politics, family expectations, sexism and other reasons. GLASS BEAUTIES encourages all women to be bold and to show off their edgy character, classy attitude, intelligence, as well as their unique style to the world. We want women to set the example that they have every right to feel confident and empowered and that they should not let anyone or anything hold them back from achieving and going after what they truly want.





Welcome to Glass Beauties! In Phase 1, we completed the launch of our social media channels (Twitter, Instagram, Discord) and our official Glass Beauties website. During Phase 1, also look out for our White List offering on our social media channels for White List giveaways. Next, our pre-sale will launch for our whitelisted participants. On October 20, 2022 our public sale will launch for everyone to participate. Finally, we will be hosting our NFT launch celebration in Miami on October 22, 2022.




If you were excited about Phase 1, you will definitely love what's happening during Phase 2! For starters, we will be launching our first NFT art gallery collection in the MetaVerse Space. Along with this exciting announcement, we will be making our first donation to a charity that supports woman's mental health initiatives and collaborating with brands supporting women lead initiatives.




The great news about Phase 3 is this will not be the final chapter for us. Phase 3 will be heavily focused on new ideas and releases. During the first couple weeks of Phase 3, five hundred (500) prints will be available for purchase of our un-minted collection. Next, Glass Beauties kicks off with a surprise NFT collection release. Finally for Phase 3, we will be hosting an NFT Drop PART 2 event (location TBD) with a live VR experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Contact Us

To get in contact with us, feel free to email or contact us on our social media channels including Instagram, Twitter and/or Discord - links in header and footer.